4000 Series

Relief valves 4000 series

The safety valves of the series 4000 have been designed and are made exclusively to be used with fluids in the liquid state. They are therefore characterized by the absence of the blowdown ring and by the proportional lift that is the solution, with respect to the reliability, to protect equipment characterized by periodic peaks of pressure. The most frequent use is therefore as safety valve for piston metering pumps, single or multiple head.

Characteristics The valves are of full nozzle and flat seat type, with closed bonnet and spring insulated by a seal ring.
The possibility to adjust in-line the set pressure, the easy disassembly and replacing of the seats, the range of available optionals assure simple and safe use under all conditions Performance
The overpressure needed to obtain the full flow is I 5% of the set pressure; with pulsating pressures an higher overpressure could be needed.
The blowdown is fess than I 0% of the set pressure.
Discharge coefficient K 0,6.

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