30000 Series


Pilot Operated Safety Valves 30000 Series are derived from the conventional valves of the same series, and retain the same orifices. They are designed and manufactured in according to the API 526 standard.
The full range of size from 1”x2” up to 8”x10” with all orifice from D – T is available for pressure ratings up to pressure class 2500x600.
Their main feature is the adjustable blowdown from 2% to 7% of set pressure and the pilot that can be “pop action or modulate type"
The models currently available are full nozzle or semi nozzle type and include, as standard accessories, the backflow preventer and the strainer.
The pilot operated safety valves are used mainly in the Oil & Gas industry and share with the “mother series” the range of available materials.
These valves can be customized with the following accessories: field test connector, manual opening device, soft seat…etc.
The available certifications are: PED, GOST-R, GGTN-K.

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