3000 Series

3000 Series

The 30000 Serie pressure relief valves have been designed for steam, gaseous and liquid fluids applications. The valves are of full-nozzle type, full lift and spring loaded.

General characteristics Design, calculation and selection, manufacturing and testing are based on the following standards:

Calculation EN ISO 4126-1 API RP 520 - ISPESL
General Design API - 526
Materials ASTM
NACE MR0175 ISO 15156
Tightness API STANDARD - 527
Homologated discharge coeff. ISPESL (Italy)

Additionally to the standardized version, described in this catalogue, which relate to the standardized version these models can be manufactured in other materials and flange types and can be equipped with many accessories.

The following overpressures are required to obtain the maximum discharge lift:

10% for gases and vapours
25% for liquids
0,2 bar minimum overpressure

The tolerance clousure value is between 7% and 10% of the set pressure. This value depends on the process status and on the fluid type.

Pressure Regulation
The spring set pressure regulation range is: ± 5% for pressures above 17 bar

Discharge Coefficient
The discharge coefficient for gases and vapours has been homologated by ISPESL (Higher Institute for Health and Safety in the Workplace) in Italy.

K = 0,94 for gases and vapours
K = 0,6 for liquids
Minimum Set Pressure
The minimum set pressure value is 0,5 bar.

Connection Flanges
The valves can be supplied with connection flanges as per ANSI B 16.5, DIN standards, or other standards specified in the order.

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