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The company ALFA VALVOLE , founded in 1971, over the years has proved to be one of the most important ball valve manufacturers in Italy. The first major change arises in 1974 with the appearance of a new guide, new ideas, new resources and new personnel. The sales horizon widers over the border, and machinery and work tools are renewed. The company adheres to the Quality Assurance initiative, to protect the quality of the product both in it's own interest and that of the end users. ALFA valves, produced in carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys, are utilised in various industrial fields for fluid control, in both gas and liquid form, in all sectors of plant engineering, cosmetics, detergents, food industry, electric energy, pharmaceutical, gas and GPL, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, oil, heating/air conditioning and in all markets worldwide as also on ships, ferries and marine oil platforms. The company takes a stride forward with the relocation to new premises, constructed in 1990, and so doing initiates the transformation to a modern production unit working towards international levels. The relocation gives the company the opportunity to renew and increase the machinery, equipment and instrumentation. A test laboratory is established for material analysis and non destructive tests. In 1995 ALFA acquires the Company PENTA S.r.l, specialised in the manufacture of metal seated ball valves for service conditions up to 800 oC and pressure class 4500 (PN720), thereby enabling them to propose valves for even the most extreme conditions. The operating Quality Assurance program, approved and certified by API, is in conformance with the normative API Q1 and ISO 9001. Thanks to the quality of materials used, the accuracy of the machining and the tests carried out. ALFA valves possess the characteristics necessary to qualify the company to be accepted in the vendors list of major companiers even in the most severe and accredited sectors such as Off-Shore and Nuclear Power. The company certifies the quality and reliability of the product supplied, in addition supplying the necessary sup-port to the end user for the correct choice of the ALFA valve most suitable for his heeds

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